Downloading RGBench

There are three versions of RGBench available:
  1. RGBench 1.6 beta for UNIX (including Linux and MacOS X)
    This version includes only source code but no binaries. You may choose whatever compiler option you want. If you like me to publish your results, please add your compiler options and hardware data.
  2. RGBench 1.6 beta2 for MacOS with a Makefile prepared for MacOS X and precompilert Universal Binaries
  3. RGBench 1.5.2 compiled for classic MacOS (using CodeWorrier 9)
With verison 1.6 beta I made the follwong improvements: Changes with 1.6.beta2:

Please NOTE: I take no responsibility for any damage to your computer caused by this program. The source code and the executable are provided as is.
Nevertheless, I tried to make it as bug free as possible.

I would be grateful if someone would like to port this benchmark to Windows. It would be interesting to compare the speed under Windows and Linux.

Please send me your results! I will publish them on these pages.