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I am not responsible for the contents of any page I linked. As far as I known their content is not against German law. But the content might have changed since my last visit. In case that the content behind any link here changed and is against law today, please tell me. I will then removes this link.

Due to recent German jurisdiction this disclaimer has become necessary, although I seems a little absurd to me.

The comment and descriptions represent my personal point of view. I don't claim that neither other have to share my option nor that this comment are objective true. However, I try to honest about them.

    • Unix on the Mac.
      • Linux am Mac: German Website about linux on the Mac. In a way the MacLinux equivalent to sites like MacNews (German) or Macintouch.
      • LinuxPPC: LinuxPPC is a port of Linux to PowerPC-CPU's, especially Macs. The port is quite close to the common Linux standard.
      • MkLinux is another port of Linux to the Mac. This project has been supported by Apple and run mainly by The Open Group. The difference to LinuxPPC is that MkLinux sits on top of the OSF MK-microkernel. MkLinux is also available for HP-workstations and x86-PC. However, as far as I know, the Mac-port is the most advanced. The Mac-version of MkLinux binary compatible to LinuxPPC. You may run them on the partitions.
    • Other Mac stuff
      • MacNews: To me the best Mac-site in German language. It includes a news and a really good discussion forum.
      • Macgadget. Another German Mac-site. My former favaorite.
      • MacInfo: A German Mac-site with information around the performance of CPU'S and computer. The site is bilingual, German and English.
      • MacOsRumors: The leading site for rumors around Mac and MacOS.
      • Appleinsider: Another rumors site.
      • Macintouch: A good news-site with news around the Mac. To my knowledge it was the first of those site and hence the model for many other.
      • MacNN: Another News-site. The most interesting about the is their online magazine Reality:
      • MacKiDo: I think that this is one of the best and most interesting site in the net. The author(s) are obviously Mac evangelist (at least kind of). They have a lot of texts arguing about advantages of the Mac compared to other systems. However this text are biased (and I don't not agree at all points) they do not use just phrases but try to proof all they tell you.
        The range of the article is not limited to Mac, even not to computers. They also have article about politics or social problems.

        To me its is very hard to express, why I think this page is so good (and it is even more difficult in English, which is not my native language), but give them a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

    • c't : To me the best computer magazine in Germany. Together with iX those two are the only one (in Germany) which are really computer magazines rather than being PC-magazine or Mac-magazines.
    • iX: The equivalent to the c't, but for Workstation and even bigger computers.
    • CMI Berlin : CMI stands for "Christliche Musik Initiative", which can roughly be translated by Union of Christian musicians. In the CMI Berlin you find all kind of Christian musicians, staring with choirs, singer-song writers rock bands and more.
    • The Spot: The Spot is quarterly magazine of the CMI. The links points to the online version-
    • Iona My favorite band. They play a kind of Irish folk-rock (I hope they don't disagree). The have Christian text, but not too penetrating (as far as I can tell as a non native speaker).
  1. Professor van Dusen was series of radio plays in Berlin. The first has be broadcasted in the late 1970's the last one in 1998. In Berlin were and are quite popular. Nevertheless the radio station canceled this series.

    • Vitrifax: On Stanislaw Lem: A very interesting about the books of Stanislaw Lem. Y ou find abstracts of the contents for most of his books and stories.

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